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Master Yoda's Ferret Funhouse

Welcome to Master Yoda's Ferret Funhouse. Where Master Yoda helps others understand ferrets. Yoda wishes to help answer questions such as ...What is a ferret? How do you care for ferrets? Do ferrets make good pets? Do ferrets stink? Why do they dig? What in the world is the Weasel War Dance? etc... etc... Master Yoda being of the highest intelligence realizes the mecca of info that is on the net for potential and currect ferret owners. He will not attempt to recreate all the info which exists. Master Yoda's goal is to offer links to some very useful sites which will help everyone who either owns a ferret or has thought of obtaining one.

One thing we want to emphasize is Mr. Yoda and ferrets like him are domesticated. A few states have made the mistake of considering ferrets illegal and grouping them with wild animals, but this simply isn't true. Mr. Yoda does have a wild cousin called the Black Footed Ferret who is in peril at this time. To compare the Mr. Yoda to a Black Footed Ferret is to compare a dog to a wolf. They are in the same genus, but two different species with two very differing temperments and personalities. Please visit the Black Footed Ferret info to learn more about Yoda's endangered wild cousin.

Master Yoda and I hope you enjoy the links we have found!! And Master Yoda wants you to know he is not responsible for any error which occurs on his page, after all what else are humans good for but to blame things on:-)

Grin and Ferret A great discussion on the pros and cons of ferret ownership
Ferret Central
Great site for health info and ferrets in general
Ferret Net Your source for Ferret Facts and Fun
Top 10 Misconceptions about Ferrets
Ferret First Aid


Corrie's Ferret Pagehas some great on line videos of ferrets, including the Weasel War Dance. Check it out!!

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